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# In simple terms, a mediclaim 'policy shall cover your medical expenses during hospitalisation. # The policy also covers medical expenses incurred during pre and post hospitalisation. ambulance charges, cover for day care procedures, organ donor, no claim bonus, tax benefits under Sec 80 D etc. are some of features you will find in a mediclaim policy. #  Owing to a rise in lifestyle diseases and double-digit medical inflation in India every year, health insurance has become a necessity for every individual. #  To elaborate on the shift in mindset, an individual has started looking at the broader aspect of their life and its healthcare needs. And the best part is that they have started accepting the fact that they actually do need health insurance. #   Magma Deal Health Insurance offers the best health insurance plans in India today, for men and women of any age. Magma Deal offers individual health insurance plans, family floater health insurance plans and group health insurance policies for corporations. Ranging from Optima Restore to Easy Health to Energy, these health insurance policies will not only guard you against the present and future spiralling health care costs, but will also guide you on the path to wellness for the long term.

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